Designing and Doing Humility & Conviction in Public Life

The Humility and Conviction in Public Life project (HCPL) of the University of Connecticut Humanities Institute is partnering with Greenhouse Studios | Scholarly Communications Design at UConn to assemble three interdisciplinary teams to promote intellectual humility in public discourse. Work on intellectual humility and its role in improving the tenor, tone and outcomes of public discourse has to date been primarily authored by academics and disseminated in traditional scholarly forms of the journal article, monograph or book chapter. HCPL recognizes intellectual humility as a set of skills and behaviors with relevance in the public square, and thus open to benefit from consideration of “real world” examples and practitioner experience as well as from scholarly research. The teams will work on a collaboratively-conceived project of their design aimed at creating more meaningful and productive public discourse through increased awareness and practice of intellectual humility.

External participants will take part in an inquiry-driven, collaboration-first scholarly design process together with an interdisciplinary team of researchers and practitioners including humanists, artists, technologists, and librarians. Based on collective interests, backgrounds, skills, and aspirations, and facilitated by Greenhouse Studios staff, teams will engage a design thinking methodology to conceive and implement a multimodal response to the challenge of understanding the role that intellectual humility may play in improving public discourse. Depending on audience and aims, projects may take shape in diverse media outputs ranging from interactive websites and immersive virtual reality to exhibitions and documentary films.