The Limits of Text

The initial research projects pursued by Greenhouse Studios | Scholarly Communications Design at UConn will offer responses to the inquiry-prompt, The Limits of Text. The three projects, collectively called Cohort A, share a common interest in sources and methodologies rooted in praxis and embodied forms of knowing. Such nontraditional scholarship is inadequately accommodated by the linear narrative format and static illustrations afforded by print alone. Accordingly, the research teams will explore multimodal communication forms that allow for inclusion of multisensory, kinetic data; multiple interpretive paths; greater fluidity in narrative structure; and more legible representations of embodied praxis and experience.

The involved collaborators represent diverse research and departmental backgrounds. All three projects, moreover, are natively multimodal; each engages a diverse range of textual, aural, visual, material, and performative sources. These projects also reflect a breadth of subject matter, time period, and disciplinary location, which is useful to Greenhouse Studios’ larger research mission, which includes evaluating its design process model and developing peer review standards, impact metrics, and validation mechanisms for nontraditional scholarship across the disciplines.

Work on the Cohort A research projects has commenced and will span a roughly two-year period, culminating in published works in 2018/19. Click below for subject-area descriptions for each project and an alphabetical list of the associated collaborators. The addition of collaborators from the publishing field is underway.

Cohort A Projects: