Tube Research

Tube Research

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Meet Tube, the document delivery app that connects researchers and archives.

Here’s how it works: researchers send requests for specific documents at libraries and archives in our covered areas (currently the Boston and New York metro regions). Local Tube Agents get paid to locate, capture, and send these documents back to the researcher, all through our convenient app interface.

Would you like convenient, remote access to libraries and archives in the Boston and/or New York areas? Or if you live or work in those areas, would you like to become a Tube Agent and start getting paid to use the archives?





Project Team: 

Greg Colati / Assistant University Librarian for Archives, Special Collections, and Digital Curation

Brian Daley / Assistant Professor, Digital Media & Design Department

Brooke Foti Gemmell / Design Technologist, Greenhouse Studios

Wes Hamrick / Greenhouse Studios Mellon Fellow

Tim Morris / Undergraduate Research Assistant, Digital Media & Design Department

Tom Scheinfeldt / Director, Greenhouse Studios

River Soma / Greenhouse Studios Graduate Assistant, Digital Media & Design Department

Sara Sikes / Associate Director, Greenhouse Studios

Sophia Valentin / Undergraduate Research Assistant, Digital Media & Design Department

Samson Weiner / Undergraduate Research Assistant, Computer Science & Engineering Department