Now in the Build phase, the Léamh team is currently working on a stand-alone grammar game for teaching and learning Classical or Early Modern Irish. While a grammar game can’t fully replace a conventional descriptive grammar, learning Early Modern Irish by means of a digital game has at least two distinct advantages. For one, gamification provides built-in psychological rewards that encourage the user to maintain a regular program of learning.  Second, a digital game allows for the collection of aggregated data on learners’ progress through the game, thereby helping to identify aspects of the language that learners find particularly difficult or for which they simply need additional time to master. In turn, this data can be used to improve the grammar game itself, but can also provide valuable information about language pedagogy and language acquisition more generally.

The Léamh project stems from Léamh.org, a web-based tutorial for learning to read and translate texts in Early Modern Irish, which launched at UConn in 2017. Léamh (pronounced LAY-uv) is the Irish word for “reading” or “to read.”  The purpose of Léamh.org was to mitigate the dearth of available resources for learning Early Modern Irish and to make historically important texts written in the language accessible to a much broader readership.  The website includes a grammar, a 7,000-word glossary and a selection of early modern texts accompanied by interactive annotations and translation.




Work-in-progress wire frame image from the Léamh grammar game.

Project Team: 

  1. Clarissa Ceglio / Associate Director, Greenhouse Studios
  2. Deirdre Nic Chárthaigh / PhD Candidate, Irish and Celtic Studies, Trinity College, University of Dublin
  3. Wes Hamrick / Greenhouse Studios Mellon Fellow
  4. Tom Lee / Design Technologist, Greenhouse Studios
  5. River Soma / Greenhouse Studios Graduate Assistant, Art & Art History
  6. Brendan Kane / Associate Professor of History; Assistant Director for Public Humanities, Humanities Institute
  7. Jennifer Eustis / MetaDiscovery Librarian, UConn Library

Current Phase in the Design Process