Hartford Bound

Between 1940 and 2020, thousands of African Americans, West Indians, and Puerto Ricans made Connecticut their home. These migrations, epic and mundane, redrew the demographic landscape of major urban hubs throughout the United States like Miami, Boston, New York, and Hartford. Some people came for a job, to follow a loved one, to pursue their dreams, for adventure, or to escape natural disasters. Hartford Bound visualizes these three Great Migration traditions as they converged in Hartford and transformed the city into a Black and Brown space, and a Caribbean enclave. The maps explore how decisions of potential neighbors, courts, banks, developers, municipal government, employers, and housing authorities shaped the places where African Americans, Puerto Ricans, and West Indians could live, work, and attend school. Hartford Bound offers new visual and spatial narratives for understanding the relationship between immigration, migration, mobility, claim-making, heritage, place-making and identity-formation in Connecticut.

Hartford Bound Logo

Project Team: 

  1. Mackenzie Fox / Undergraduate Assistant, Greenhouse Studios
  2. James Kolb / Undergraduate Assistant, Greenhouse Studios
  3. Tom Lee / Design Technologist, Greenhouse Studios
  4. Fiona Vernal / Associate Professor, History Department

Current Phase in the Design Process