Vilém Flusser (1920-1991) was a Czech-born philosopher and communication scholar whose prolific work covers a variety of subjects, including language, history, photography, design and phenomenology.

One of Flusser’s works titled Supposed: A Succession of Scenes presents 22 fictitious vignettes that he wrote with the intention that they become the basis for a film or set of films. These futuristic scenarios are divided into groups “Scenes from Family”, “Scenes from Economic Life” and “Scenes from Politics”. The team will work to interpret the contents of Flusser’s work and produce a time-based rendering of his scenarios.

Project Team: 

  1. Jonathan Ampiaw / Graduate Research Assistant, Digital Media & Design
  2. Anke Finger / Assistant Director of Digital Humanities and Media Studies at the Humanities Institute
  3. Natalie Granados / Special Collections Conservator, UConn Library
  4. Tom Lee / Design Technologist, Greenhouse Studios
  5. Wenchao Lou / Graduate Research Assistant, Digital Media & Design
  6. Catherine Masud / Adjunct Instructor, Digital Media & Design Department
  7. Sara Sikes / Associate Director, Greenhouse Studios

Current Phase in the Design Process