The Convivio team is designing a card game that responds to the Humility and Conviction in Public Life prompt. The usual translation of convivio (Latin) is “banquet” or “feast,” but its literal meaning is “living together.”

Because games, and social games in particular, can alter people’s behavior, the process of playing a game can thus enable different kinds of conversations to happen. With this in mind, the team hopes to create a game that allows players to gain empathy for others with different experiences and perspectives; allows players to engage with different viewpoints; and allows players to reflect on their own motivations, convictions, attitudes.  In addition to creating a game that is engaging and enjoyable to play, the Convivio team is also considering ways that the game could be used as a tool for research.




Project Team: 

  1. Brenda Brueggemann / Professor of English & Aetna Chair of Writing
  2. Caleb Cohoe / Associate Professor of Philosophy, Metropolitan State University of Denver
  3. Brooke Foti Gemmell / Design Technologist, Greenhouse Studios
  4. Wes Hamrick / Greenhouse Studios Mellon Fellow
  5. Tom Lee / Design Technologist, Greenhouse Studios
  6. Khara Leon / Head of Administrative Services, UConn Library
  7. Wenchao Lou / Graduate Research Assistant, Digital Media & Design
  8. Sara Sikes / Associate Director, Greenhouse Studios
  9. River Soma / Greenhouse Studios Graduate Assistant, Art & Art History

Current Phase in the Design Process