Preservation & Access

A commitment to long-term preservation and access is at the heart of Greenhouse Studios workflow. By including archivists and librarians on project teams from the very start of the design process, preservation and access concerns and strategies are addressed alongside content and technology development, rather than after the fact. During the final release phase of the project cycle, preparations made in earlier phases for technical sustainability, data curation, and preservation and access to the work, its underlying data, and any derivatives can be implemented. After launch, each Greenhouse Studios’ project team engages librarians and publishing partners in annual project review to assess the technical status and continued accessibility of projects.

Because Greenhouse Studios projects take multiple forms in multiple media—often even within a single project—we engage a variety of preservation and access strategies, among them using standard metadata formats and maintaining strict technical separation between data and design so that even as access technologies and user environments change over time, core data may be preserved. Greenhouse Studios works closely with the UConn Library’s Digital Scholarship and Data Curation Unit, which is responsible for UConn’s Fedora-based preservation repository as well as the Connecticut Digital Archive (CTDA), Connecticut’s Digital Public Library of America service hub. All data produced by the Greenhouse Studios’ projects is deposited in UConn’s preservation repository and with CTDA.

A commitment to open access
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