Stephen T. Slota

Assistant Professor-in-Residence of Educational Technology

Department of Educational Psychology, Neag School of Education jointly with the Digital Media and Design Department

Stephen (@steveslota) is an Assistant Professor in-Residence at the University of Connecticut with dual appointments to the Neag School of Education Department of Educational Psychology and School of Fine Arts Department of Digital Media & Design. He holds a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology and has worked on a variety of game and instructional design projects with organizations including Arizona State University’s Center for Games & Impact, Intel Corporation, Pfizer, UConn Health, and InSync Training, LLC. Separate from his other ventures, he co-owns and operates an educational game development and consultation company, The Pericles Group, LLC, with colleague Kevin Ballestrini. Prior to returning for his doctoral degree in 2010, Stephen taught a combination of biology, genetics, and human health at a Connecticut high school.


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