Juan Carlos Alom

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Juan Carlos Alom was born in Cuba in 1964 and resides between Havana and New York City. He is a filmmaker and photographer who has exhibited throughout Cuba, North and South America, Europe, and South Africa. Starting his career as a photojournalist in 1990s Cuba, Juan Carlos Alom developed an artistic vision that was informed by the need for spontaneity demanded by that period of crisis. Among the films that Alom has directed are Una Harley recorre la Habana (1998, A Harley Travels Around Havana), Habana Solo (2000), Evidencia (2001), Iroko (2004), Diario (2009), and No Limits (2013). Exhibits this year include Without Masks: Contemporary Afro-Cuban Art at the Museum of Fine Arts in Havana, Cuba, and Los elementos (a solo show) at Punctum Gallery in Mexico City. He is currently working on several collaborative projects including the film Finotype with UConn Professor Jacqueline Loss.


  1. Fino and Global Cuban Cultures
Juan Carlos Alom
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