Hans Asenbaum

Visiting Lecturer, Centre for the Study of Democracy

University of Westminster in London

Hans Asenbaum is PhD candidate and visiting lecturer at the Centre for the Study of Democracy at the University of Westminster in London. His work addresses questions of inclusion and equality in new participatory spaces (democratic innovations) created both by social movements and state actors. It investigates the role of social identities and the effects of anonymity in online and offline spaces. His research interests include empirical participation and democracy studies and theoretical debates on participatory, deliberative, and radical democracy. His current PhD project is supervised by Prof. Graham Smith. Hans completed his Master degree in political science at the University of Vienna, Austria and studied in New York (City University New York) and Krasnodar, Russia (Kuban State University). Since 2013 he works as online tutor at the University of Hagen, Germany.


  1. Humility & Conviction in Public Life 1
Hans Asenbaum
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