Anke Finger

Professor of German Studies, Media Studies, and Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies

Literatures, Cultures, and Languages

Dr. Finger’s teaching and research focus on modernism, media studies, digital humanities, literature and other arts, contemporary aesthetics, and interculturality. A specialist in the idea of the total artwork (Das Gesamtkunstwerk der Moderne, Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2006), she edited (with Danielle Follett) a collection of articles entitled The Aesthetics of the Total Artwork: On Borders and Fragments (The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2011). She is co-founder and was co-editor (2005-2015) of the multilingual e-journal Flusser Studies and co-author of Introduction to Vilém Flusser (University of Minnesota Press, 2011). Currently, she is working in the areas of multimodal publishing, evaluating digital scholarship, and interculturality in media theory.


  1. Flusser