Allie Marsh

CCEI Summer Fellow

Allie Marsh is a multidisciplinary digital creative, storyteller, and native New Englander. In May 2020, she graduated with her BFA in Digital Media & Design, with a concentration in Motion Design & Animation, from the University of Connecticut School of Fine Arts. She specializes in photography, motion graphics, video production, and graphic design. She also enjoys working on digital branding projects, social media campaigns, and front-end web design. She was a team member of UConn DMD’s Agency X and has assisted with the design of interactive installations like “Weather Report” at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum with the UConn DX Lab, and “The Carl & Marian Rettenmeyer Story” with UConn’s Ant-U Initiative. While not working on her creative projects or pursuing her Private Pilot’s License, her favorite pastimes include enjoying Mexican food, hanging by the ocean, adventuring in our U.S. National Parks, skiing in the mountains, and traveling the world.


Instagram: @eastcoastalliee


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Allie Marsh
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