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Greenhouse Studios is a joint effort of the Department of Digital Media & Design (DMD) in the School of Fine Arts (SFA), the University Library and its Digital Scholarship and Data Curation Unit (DSDC), and the UConn Humanities Institute (UCHI) in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS). Each has made significant, permanent financial or (in the case of the UCHI) programmatic commitments to the project. The University Library has committed permanent support of Greenhouse Studios full-time Associate Director and Coordinator and, for Greenhouse Studios’ home, prime real estate within the main campus library along with renovation funding. The SFA has committed three permanent, half-time graduate student assistants. And the UCHI has committed to providing program support, including outreach to faculty through informational lunches; convening its fellows to workshop Greenhouse Studios projects and participate in focus groups and build-phase testing; outreach to university stakeholders regarding promotion, tenure, and retention standards as they relate to digital and creative scholarship; and a forum to engage additional potential university press partners.

Thus, although it is located within the library, Greenhouse Studios is equally owned and supported by its three collaborator units, a shared commitment that both reflects and affords the collaborative workflows and flat hierarchies we seek to promote—and is designed to avoid the problems of both faculty-led centers and library-led centers. Each unit, in turn, sees Greenhouse Studios as contributing back to its core mission. The SFA is eager to place studio arts at the center of collaborations with other, often better funded and more visible, schools and departments at UConn. The University Library wishes to provide a higher standard of support for digital scholarship. The UCHI sees programming opportunities to support its fellows and UConn faculty researchers, whom its programming also supports, to explore new publication avenues and new audiences.

A shared governance structure reflects the collaborative ownership of the endeavor. This structure provides for a Steering Committee of nine members, three from each of the stakeholder departments. A smaller Working Group oversees daily activities and draws in Steering Committee expertise and assistance as necessary. The Steering Committee meets monthly to discuss matters of organizational strategy and institutional support. The Working Group meets weekly to discuss practical implementations of Steering Committee priorities and set workplans for Greenhouse Studios staff. This model of shared governance with equal representation from SFA, UConn Library, and CLAS not only insures “buy-in” from across the university, but also allows us to maintain the kind of flat hierarchies between humanist faculty, artists, and librarians we envision for Greenhouse Studios.

Major funding for Greenhouse Studios is provided by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation’s Scholarly Communications Program.

Advisory Board

  • Matthew Battles, Associate Director, metaLAB, Harvard University
  • Michael Edson, Associate Director/Head of Digital at United Nations Live Museum for Humanity, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Kathleen Fitzpatrick, PhD, Director of Scholarly Communication, Modern Language Association
  • Matthew K. Gold, PhD, Director, GC Digital Scholarship Lab, City University of New York
  • Ian Gonsher, MFA, Associate Director, Brown Creative Mind Initiative
  • Tara McPherson, PhD, Founding Editor, Vectors

  • Amy Papaelias, MFA Intermedia Design, Assistant Professor of Graphic Design/Foundations, Fine Art Department, State University of New York at New Paltz
  • Barbara Rockenbach, MSLIS, Director, Humanities & History Libraries, Columbia University Libraries/Information Services
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