Ellen Emmet Rand

Ellen Emmet Rand

Ellen Emmet Rand painting a portrait (undated), Ellen Emmet Rand Papers, UConn University Libraries Archives & Special Collections.

Inspired by research for a forthcoming exhibition and edited volume about American portraitist Ellen Emmet Rand (1875-1941), this project is part of a larger effort to rethink women, art, business, and modernism in the 20th century through the lens of Rand’s negotiation of her career, reputation, family, and finances.

The team will draw from the Ellen Emmet Rand Papers at the University Libraries Archives & Special Collections, as well as a constellation of research activities that include the exhibit at the William Benton Museum of Art and symposia, in order to consider how temporal experiences of production and public presentation can factor into scholarly communications.

Project Team: 

  1. Alexis Boylan / Associate Professor of Art History and Africana Studies; Director of Academic Affairs, Humanities Institute
  2. Clarissa Ceglio / Associate Director, Greenhouse Studios
  3. Mary Dougherty / Director, UMass Press
  4. Kristin Eshelman / Archivist for Multimedia Collections, University Archives, Special Collections & Digital Curation
  5. Mackenzie Fox / Undergraduate Assistant, Greenhouse Studios
  6. Tom Lee / Design Technologist, Greenhouse Studios


  1. Tim Miller / Greenhouse Studios Mellon Design Fellow
  2. Joel Salisbury / Assistant Professor, Digital Media & Design Department
  3. Ting Zhou / Graduate Research Assistant, Art & Art History Department

Current Phase in the Design Process