Charles V Coronation

Charles V

Pope Clement VII crowns Charles V in San Petronio in Bologna (detail,1556 - 1562) by Giorgio Vasari, Palazzo Vecchio, via Wikimedia Commons.

This team is exploring how music, architecture, visual culture, and performance functioned together in the 1530 coronation mass of Holy Roman Emperor Charles V to reflect the culture and politics of medieval and early modern Europe.

Project Team:

  1. Ryan Freeland / Greenhouse Studios Graduate Assistant, Digital Media & Design Department
  2. Tom Lee / Greenhouse Studios Design Technologist
  3. Tim Miller / Greenhouse Studios Mellon Design Fellow
  4. Dan Pejril / Assistant Professor in Residence, Digital Media & Design Department
  5. Eric Rice / Associate Professor of Music History, Music Department
  6. Tom Scheinfeldt / Director, Greenhouse Studios
  7. Michael Young / Art and Design Librarian, UConn Library Research & Curriculum Department

Current Phase in the Design Process