By Our Love

The By Our Love animation project is a 10-piece ensemble from Earl MacDonald arranged with a creation of images and text prompts.  This project explores political tribalism as it relates to Christian faith and intends to stimulate discussion regarding the incongruities between faith and politics.

The team’s goal of  aligning emotionally-powerful, musical moments with equally potent imagery led to the creation of images and text prompts which correlate with the ensemble, to enhance, reinforce and expand the ideas set forth in the music. The animation serves as a springboard for thoughtful contemplation, discussion, dialogue, and commentary. It is also a standalone animation that is placed online and presented through select social media platforms where commenting and sharing are encouraged. By Our Love asks all audiences to consider, more broadly and fully, the language, ideas, and context(s) that have contributed to our cultural drift toward more pronounced tribalism.

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Current Phase in the Design Process