Spotlight: Wenchao Lou

Wenchao Lou is a Greenhouse Studios SFA Graduate Research Assistant

I am very happy to be able to work with professors and students in Greenhouse Studios. I also learned a lot during this year. In my first year at Greenhouse Studios, I was involved in Overrated’s board game design by designing cards and tokens, and using laser cutting to create tokens and cards from cardboard and wood, which will greatly increase the interest of game players. I also worked to continuously improve and update the game rules during playtesting. One goal of the game is to let players get together, and starting discussions to help them better understand each other. 

I also worked on a survey of schools, archives, and graduate students for Sourcery, where I searched areas including New Haven, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Edinburgh, London and Dublin. Because I am an international student, and because of COVID-19, I couldn’t go home during the summer vacation. I am very happy that Greenhouse Studios gave me the opportunity to work on Sourcery’s UI design over the summer, which helped me to learn Adobe XD. Also due to the pandemic, everyone transitioned to telecommuting, but this has not affected our work. We continue to make plans through weekly meetings to complete our projects. In this next semester, I will work on Léamh’s UI design and Flusser’s visual design.