Thomas Lee Describes The Charles V Project in Video Interview

Enter Greenhouse Studios and you'll almost always spot Design Technologist Tom Lee diligently at work in the corner project room. Step up to its glass wall and inside you'll see architectural blueprints, virtual reality (VR) equipment, and Tom, who's often wearing a pair of VR goggles and staring into space.  He's not just day dreaming, he is actually working on Greenhouse Studios’ first and furthest-developed collaboration: The Charles V Coronation. This project involves experts from the History, Music, Research Services, and Digital Media & Design departments. Their goal is to recreate the coronation Mass of Charles V, which took place in 1530, as realistically as possible, including the original architectural space, artifacts, and music of the event.

Before working at Greenhouse Studios, Tom Lee was a graduate student in UConn’s Digital Media and Design department. After finishing his MFA, he was recruited to be a full-time Design Technologist at Greenhouse Studios. His role in the Charles V project is the technical building of the 3D virtual space in Unity, which is best known for its use as a game development platform. Since joining us in Summer 2017, he has made very impressive strides and is a valued team member who makes everyone laugh. Checking in with Tom Lee and his progress on the virtual reality reconstruction of the Charles V coronation mass is always a highlight of my day at Greenhouse Studios. The rendering of the architecture was so realistic the last time I checked. You get a real sense of how mammoth the church of San Petronio, which wasn't even finished being built in 1530, really was! Watch the video below to learn more about his journey and the Charles V Coronation project.

Andrew P. Wolf, Undergraduate Researcher

Greenhouse Studios Staff