• Working together across the campus, and beyond
    Working together across the campus and beyond
Greenhouse Studios
Greenhouse Studios | Scholarly Communications Design at the University of Connecticut forges diverse and democratic collaborations that build humanities scholarship in new formats to engage new audiences.

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  • Collaboration and Emergent Knowledge at Greenhouse Studios
    Since the 1970s, scholars in fields as varied as sedimentology, ornithology, sociology, and philosophy have come to understand the importance of self-organizing systems, of how higher-order complexity can “emerge” from independent lower-order elements. Emergence describes how millions of tiny mud cracks at the bottom of a dry lake bed form large scale geometries when viewed […]
  • Spotlight: Wes Hamrick
    Wes Hamrick is a Greenhouse Studios Mellon Fellow who will be managing the Cohort B projects that started this year. A dedicated team member, Wes recently answered some questions related to his role at Greenhouse Studios.
  • Creativity and the Scholarly Record
      At Greenhouse Studios, we are working out the process of creating new forms of scholarship. One important aspect of what differentiates scholarship from projects is sustainability. As I like to say, there is no scholarship without persistence. The infrastructure of persistence is well understood in traditional academic publishing, but is less understood in the […]
  • Congratulations, Class of 2018!
    The Greenhouse Studios Team would like to congratulate and extend a sincere thank-you to this year’s group of graduates for all of their efforts and accomplishments during their time as Greenhouse Studios collaborators!
  • d’Archive: Weekly Podcast Produced by Graham Stinnett
    Graham Stinnett, Archivist at the UConn Archives & Special Collections and a Content Specialist on our HCPL3 project team, has recently completed Season 1 of his new podcast, d’Archive. Stinnett has produced 15 episodes over the course of this past academic year, each of which provides a window into the fascinating world of the UConn Archives […]