Greenhouse Studios Leadership

  • Director, Tom Scheinfeldt
  • Associate Director (Research), Clarissa Ceglio
  • Associate Director (Coordinator), Sara Sikes

Steering Committee

  • UCHI/CLAS: Alexis Boylan, Brendan Kane, Anke Finger
  • DMD/SFA: Tom Scheinfeldt, Clarissa Ceglio, Samantha Olschan
  • University Library: Greg Colati, Holly Jeffcoat, Sara Sikes

Working Group

  • Tom Scheinfeldt, Clarissa Ceglio, Sara Sikes, Greg Colati, Tim Miller, Brendan Kane

Current Members

Alexis Boylan

Associate Professor of Art History and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Program
Associate Director of the Humanities Institute

Clarissa Ceglio

Associate Director of Research, Greenhouse Studios

Gregory Colati

Assistant University Librarian for Archives, Special Collections, and Digital Curation

Kristin Eshelman

Archivist for Multimedia Collections, University Archives, Special Collections & Digital Curation

Anke Finger

Assistant Director of Digital Humanities and Media Studies at the Humanities Institute

Ryan Freeland

Greenhouse Studios Graduate Assistant, Digital Media & Design Department

Holly Jeffcoat

Assistant Vice Provost for UConn Library

Brendan Kane

Associate Professor, History
Assistant Director for Public Humanities, Humanities Institute

Thomas Lee

Research Assistant, Greenhouse Studios

Tim Miller

Greenhouse Studios Mellon Design Fellow

Ming Montgomery

UConn Digital Media and Design Student

Sylvia Mosiany

Greenhouse Studios Graduate Assistant, Digital Media and Design

Dan Pejril

Assistant Professor in Residence, Digital Media & Design Department

Eric Rice

Dept. Head, Music

Joel Salisbury

Assistant Professor, Digital Media & Design Department

Tom Scheinfeldt

Director, Greenhouse Studios

Sara Sikes

Associate Director, Greenhouse Studios

Andrew Wolf

Undergraduate Researcher, Digital Media & Design Department

Michael Young

Digital Scholarship and Humanities Librarian and Adjunct Lecturer in Art History

Ting Zhou

Greenhouse Studios Graduate Assistant, Art & Art History Department


Milena Almira

Graduate Researcher, Literatures, Cultures, and Languages

Rebecca Niland

Undergraduate Researcher, Digital Media & Design Department

Samantha Olschan

Assistant Professor in Residence in the Departments of Digital Media and Design

Marisol Ramos

Latin American & Caribbean Studies, Latino Studies, Spanish & Anthropology Librarian, UConn Library Research & Curriculum Department

Brianna Ricciardone

Undergraduate Researcher, Digital Media & Design Department

Bridget Smith

Undergraduate Researcher, Digital Media & Design Department