Fino and Global Cuban Cultures

Finotype asks Cubans on and off the island what the terms fino, finura, and fineza mean to them. Responses evoke a range of characteristics, from refinement, purity, education, generosity, and glamor to homosexuality, sexual repression, fairness, and whiteness and straddle different historical periods. Finotype will put films, photographs, documents, artifacts, and users’ own contributions into dialogue. The resulting tapestry will tell a story about how a seemingly small aesthetic category—fino—elucidates intersections among race, class, and gender.

UConn Collaborators:

  1. Milena Almira / Graduate Researcher, Literatures, Cultures, and Languages
  2. Jacqueline Loss / Professor of Spanish and Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies
  3. Tim Miller / Greenhouse Studios Mellon Design Fellow
  4. Ming Montgomery / Undergraduate Researcher, Digital Media & Design Department
  5. Marisol Ramos / Latin American & Caribbean Studies, Latino Studies, Spanish & Anthropology Librarian, UConn Library Research & Curriculum Department
  6. Sara Sikes / Associate Director, Greenhouse Studios
  7. Ting Zhou / Greenhouse Studios Graduate Assistant, Art & Art History Department